Communications consultants in latin america

Comunicación Estrátegica

Strategic Communication

Communication has become an all-important backbone for all process.   It provides companies with new knowledge and allows them to transition to organizational communication, emphasizing the ability to listen.  This methodology allows our function to evolve and transform; it becomes part of the strategic process in its own environment; it focuses on strategy and transform itself to retrieve the human element. In other words, it aims at being relational with its environment rather than rational. The communication strategies of this new model seek to offer the client elements that will help him make wise and timely decisions.

Consulting, guidance, and operational assistance to companies and other organizations on issues related to communications, marketing, and management, such as strategic and organizational planning; issues related to decision-making, marketing goals and policies, production planning.

Market Research

Studies of marketing possibilities, product acceptance and knowledge, and consumer buying habits aimed at promoting sales and developing new products, including statistical results analysis.

Experience in field research activities and experimental development, and management consulting activities.

Market Research